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Born on November 10, 1990 to be somebody. My blog is all about my life. Im not really good in English. By the way, people called me Qiela. Some called me adeQ. Im a family person!! Just make it clear, Im in love with people around me now especially my friends. I really dont like backstabber, stalker, sweet talker and people fighting. So, if u like that kind of activities, please stay away from me. Thank you.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fav & Dream! Wish Can Get It!

here, i got wut i want... i must show a gud attitude 2 get all diz things tawu! hehehe


Nikon D40 Since August 2009 [thanx, mom!]


Nokia N73 Since End of 2006 [Thanx, mom]


Crocs Leopard Print September 2009 [Thanx, dad!]

nahhhh... when i can get all diz things, man? haishhh... who willingly 2 giv me all i wan?








Mini Cooper




Pink Blackberry


Nokia E71


LG KS360 

VAIO Limited Edition [i wan brown choco]


Ed Hardy




Paris Hilton




J Lo Live

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