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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Will My Ex Want Me Back - 7 Signs That Say 'No'! Here Is What You Need to Read Right Away

Most people think that breakups are the toughest things that can happen to you. The truth is that it gets tougher when you want to make up with your ex but you do not know whether or not he/ she would want you back. Your heart would be aching to know the answer - but there is no real way to know this for sure. That can be a real heartbreaker.

Here are 7 signs that would tell you that he/ she is over you and you should move on too. Pay attention.

1. Your ex never returns your calls or answers your messages - it is of course possible that he/ she is out when you call; it is also possible that he/ she misses some of the message you sent. But this can happen once, twice, or at best 3-4 times. If none of your messages or phone calls gets through the message to you should be clear - 'stop trying'.

2. Your ex returns all memorabilia to you and ask you his/ hers back - when you are fond of someone you would like to retain everything that reminds you of him/ her. When you are over the person - especially your ex - you would not like to see anything around that reminds you of him or her.

3. Your ex is indifferent to you - sadness, happiness, jealousy are all feelings that are associated with a person you love. Indifference on the other hand, means that you do not matter anymore; you ceased to be part of your ex' life.

4. Your ex is dating a certain person seriously - it is very much possible that your ex feels he/ she has found the right person for him/ her. If your ex is going steady with someone, it is time that you changed course, too.

5. Your ex is not comfortable around you - you offer friendship without strings, but your ex refuses the overture. This shows that he wants to cut all possible connections with you so he/ she can move on. Respect his/ her feelings and let your ex go.

6. Your ex returns your gifts unopened- no matter how friendly you are, your ex does not want to have anything to do with you. When he/ she is returning your gifts (even flowers) as they are, it is clear that your ex wants you to stop.

7. Your ex introduces you to his/ her new girlfriend/ boyfriend - this is not a ruse to make you jealous. This is a pointer to you to stop thinking about the possibility of any future romantic involvement. Stop and start looking elsewhere.

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