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Born on November 10, 1990 to be somebody. My blog is all about my life. Im not really good in English. By the way, people called me Qiela. Some called me adeQ. Im a family person!! Just make it clear, Im in love with people around me now especially my friends. I really dont like backstabber, stalker, sweet talker and people fighting. So, if u like that kind of activities, please stay away from me. Thank you.

Friday, November 12, 2010

20th burfdae without a candle to blow & a cake to cut! :(

thanx to all my fellars!!

1. Wani Selamat
2. Dieba
3. Nina Jamal
4. Kawan2 hostel
5. Aien Ortega
6. Etot
7. Along
8. Mamat.
9. Kuchai & Nurul
10. Sufi kuwh muchuq
11. Gegurl
12. Midji Tenok
13. Sarah Khalid
14. Kak Shue
15. Nadra
16. June Philipino
17. Zaza
18. June Doremon
19. Hilmie
20. Mein
21. And all my facebook fellars!!!!

Goshhhhh!! for the 1st tym, my burfdae without cake!! huarghhhhhh!!! i need a shoulder to cry on!! :( im waitin a wish from him! but i dint get any!!! how cud him! hmmm no one sing a burfdae song for me!! only my lil bratha, sufi!! call me & sing!! comellllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyway, thanx alot guys!!! to sara, midji, jun, kak dila, kaklong, kak shue, nadra & all my new fellars, thanx thanx thanx alot!! i had alot of fun! seyesly!! i hope can celeb wif y'll on da next year!! hikkkk



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